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LaRueTree Environmental Policy

We are a company in the environmental management field that is committed to operating in the most environmentally sustainable ways possible. Recycling and reusing of your clean wood waste not only reduces your costs, but also enhances the future of our environment. Next to nothing green that we remove goes to the dump, it gets reused and put back into the environment to enhance our children’s future.

LaRueTree Certified Arborists believes that protecting and preserving the environment is paramount to our business because it is ours and everyone’s business. That is why we aim to go as far as we can when it comes to conserving the environment.

The wood chip products created from your trees and shrubs will be available for you to use as mulch as long as we can either have a clear area to spray the mulch straight from the chipper or dump them from the truck into a pile. What you don’t want, we can take away to a place where it will be used as mulch, applied as a soil top dressing, or recycled into compost. Our wood chips are even used on ranches and farms as an environmentally sensitive ice melter and traction aid. Your wood can be cut into logs for you to keep for burning. If you don’t have a use for it then we’ll take them somewhere where they are needed, either for burning, use in the agricultural sector, or recycling into compost. Most of the material generated from our work is recycled and put to good use. Almost nothing goes to landfill!

Our Green Policy We recognize that the nature of our work may have a negative impact on the environment, and as such we have devised a system of proper arboricultural practices that allows LaRueTree to minimize and mitigate any damage as possible in every situation. By following these practices, backed up by a good understanding of tree biology we can minimize the stresses placed on trees while we work on them. We aim to retain trees, wherever possible, and will consider all other measures before removal. Where it cannot be avoided, we will suggest options for replanting.

Conservation of Habitat Many species of invertebrates, birds, small and large mammals, fungi, etc. are dependent on trees for their survival, this includes dead trees.

We aim to avoid destroying dead wood habitat trees and retain standing dead wood, where possible. When planting, we will encourage you to consider our native tree species which have the most value in creating new habitat for Canadian fauna.

Use of Power tools The bulk of our work is using chainsaws. Unfortunately, professional chains saws still run on gasoline, but where practical we use hand tools. Our chainsaws can be lubricated with vegetable based oil when working near or over ponds pools and delicate areas rather than the more environmentally harmful mineral oils.

Recycling Where possible, we encourage clients to make use of the materials that arise from work on their trees. Logs cut on your property can be seasoned and burnt for fuel. Wood chip produced as a waste material can be recycled as mulch to ameliorate the soil, particularly around the base of trees where it acts as a fertilizer and may help reduce soil compaction.

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