Vegreville Tree Removal, Small Poplar

This is a small example of a low impact climbing removal. Rope access provides for a fast and efficient method for controlling pieces as a tree is dismantled piece by piece. Lawns are left undamaged, and as you can see, there is a high level of visibility and communication in between ground workers and climber. Enjoy!

What to do about Spruce Trees, An Alberta Guide

An extremely common site in the typical Alberta landscape, Spruce trees make up an important part of the urban forest. From the tiny little Grade 1 seedlings that are handed out throughout the province, to the 100+ years old mammoths that tower over the older residential neighbourhoods, Spruce trees provide year-round foliage, attractive colour, and important habitat for Alberta's urban wildlife. But a question that gets posed fairly often is how does one maintain the health and beauty of this species while keeping a low risk for failure during extreme weather conditions. Spruce trees are prone to several different diseases and infestations, such as Cytospora Canker, Needle Cast, Adelgid Aph

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