Bleeding Trees, Spring Pruning In Edmonton

One of the main questions I get this time of year when talking with clients is: "You can't prune my tree this time of year, can you? My tree will bleed!". This is where tree terminology and proper education come into effect. LaRueTree Certified Arborists, Inc. was founded with a mandate to educate people about trees and how they fit into urban landscapes. It is true, in Edmonton, Vegreville, or surrounding areas, in late winter to early spring, the sap in the tree starts to rise with warming temperatures, delivering water and sugar to the new leaf buds as they swell in readiness for spring. Like a balloon, or one of those party favours that you blow into, buds and leaves require pressure to

Black Knot Fungus

Welcome Back to the LaRueTree Certified Arborists Blog! This time, I've decided to write about a fungal infection of trees in Edmonton, Vegreville, and all of the prairie provinces. This disease is not an introduced species, but a native fungus that has taken a stronghold on our urban and native tree population. Driving around any prairie town or city, you might notice clumps of dark tissue on the branches and trunks of our ornamental cherry species; Mayday Cherry (Prunus padus) and Schubert Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana 'Schubert'), and our native Cherry species; Pin Cherry (Prunus pensylvanica). These black swellings are the telltale sign of the black knot fungus (Apiosporina Morbosa). As

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